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Our Mission District Location

216 25 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB, T2S 0L1


Directions to Calgary Westways Guest House

Public Transport

Regular taxi from the airport to Westways is approximately $45.00. Uber and other cell/mobile phone pick ups available at the designated curb pick up points

If you are light on luggage and have time then there is the Calgary Public Transit new bus service 300, the fare is $10.00 cash to the driver [ no change is given] or prepurchase from the Mac's convenience store located at the arrival terminals. This ticket is valid for the day for other buses and LRT journeys. Arriving at the domestic terminal after exiting go to the Bus Bay 7, there is a vending machine for tickets. Arriving at the International terminal after exiting the terminal go to the curbside bay 32 to pick up the 300 bus. When the bus reaches downtown you either get off at the Calgary Tower and get a taxi [$12.00]to our Calgary bed and breakfast or get off on Centre St just before 4 Ave SW. Find the no 3 bust stop and get off at 4 St and 25 Ave SW. Cross 4 St SW and walk a block and a half down 25 Ave SW to find us. More info at calgarytransit or stay on the 300 bus and get of at 5 St SW and 7 Ave SW then board the Southbound Red line train to Summerset/Bridlewood and get off at Erlton/Stampede Station. Head west on 25th Avenue, cross over McLeod Trail and Westways is about 3 blocks down on the right hand side.


Calgary has numbered Streets and Avenues starting from the centre of the city. STREETS run north – south intersecting with the AVENUES that run east – west. It is important to know whether you are looking for a Street or Avenue. The Calgary downtown landmark is the Calgary Tower and its base heading north is Centre Street.

The City is divided into quadrants: Northwest [NW], Southwest [SW], Northeast [NE], and Southeast [SE]. The quadrant designation is important as there are three “216 – 25 Ave” but they all have different quadrant designation i.e. SW, NW or NE. The first numbers are important because that tells you the cross street or avenue. In 216 – 25 Ave SW, the 2 of 216 indicates that the street crossing 25 Ave is 2nd Street and the 16 infers the 16th house or building in that block. If there are 4 numbers then the first 2 numbers indicate the cross street or avenue and so on.

Highway 1 is 16th Avenue North and runs east-west. Many of the major arteries are called Trails or Boulevards and these are used to get as close to the address before using the streets or avenues. Many guests coming in from Banff have access 25 Ave on the edge of the city but couldn’t drive all the way through as 25 Avenue is cut off by rivers, escarpments, hills etc. This is true for many of the street and avenues.

From Calgary International Airport

Exiting the airport, at the first set of lights turn left onto Barlow Trail North, and at the next lights turn left onto Airport Trail. Continue over the Deerfoot Trail and take a left turn to merge onto the southbound Deerfoot Trail. Take a right onto Memorial Drive West exit [City Centre] then turn right onto 4th Ave South ramp [City Centre] over the Bow River into downtown. Turn left onto 1st SE which becomes Mcleod Trail South, and drive until you reach 25th Ave SE and turn right [west] onto 25th Ave SE. As you pass the 1st Street SW Junction on 25th Ave SW, we are half a block down on the right side [North] and it is a single house between two larger buildings. Just before our home is an apartment block with the number 210. 216 is the next house. We do have off street parking at the back of Westways and this is accessed by turning right onto 2nd Street SW and then immediately turning right into an alleyway [back lane]; half way down is Westways parking. Please come to the front door using the sidewalk on the left and ring the doorbell on the right of the front door. Please do not try to access the house using the back door [insurance liabilities].

Alternative route for rush hour

Use this route to avoid downtown rush hour [3:30pm - 6pm]. Use the same directions to access Deerfoot Trail southbound and instead of the Memorial Drive exit, take the next exit and merge right on to 17 Ave SE southbound that becomes the Blackfoot Trail. Look for the Ogden Rd exit and turn right onto 26 th Ave SE, drive till you come to a roundabout [road circle] and take the third exit onto Dartmouth Rd SE. At the next traffic signals, turn right onto 25 Ave SE, drive past the Calgary Stampede Park, cross Mcleod Trail and as you pass the 1st Street SW Junction on 25th Ave SW, we are half a block down on the right side [North] and it is a single house between two larger buildings.

From Banff

Travel on Highway 1 to Calgary, just past the Olympic Park, turn right onto Sarcee Trail, continue to 17th Ave S and turn left, head east until you reach 2nd Street SW then turn right [south] onto 2nd Street SW. Continue along 2nd Street and you will notice the cross avenues junctions will go up in numbers i.e. 18th, 19th, 20th and so on. After passing 24 Ave SW immediately turning left into an alleyway [back lane] and half way down is Westways parking, please come to the front door using the side walk on the left and ring the doorbell on the right of the front door. Please do not try to access the house using the back door [insurance liabilities].

From the East

Highway 1 becomes 16 Ave North, westbound. Turn left onto Edmonton Trail just before Centre St, cross over Memorial drive and straight on to merge with 4th Ave S and follow the instructions as for the Airport.

From the South

Highway 2 from Fort Mcleod as it approaches the City becomes either Mcleod Trail North or Deerfoot North [for Airport]. Take the Mcleod Trail North and at the intersection of Mcleod Trail and 25 Ave SE, Turn left onto 25th Ave heading west and Westways is a block and a half after the bridge, on the right hand side.


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