The mission Room

The Mission Room is a spacious air-conditioned room, with a king sized bed on oak wooden floors accented with oriental rugs. The room features a 60" Hi Definition TV connected to a surround sound system enabling you to enjoy movies to their full extent using the Blue Ray DVD player. The four-piece bathroom with tiled floor and walls is beautifully appointed. Complementing the room is a gas fire stove creating a warm ambiance enhanced with candles. With the Mission style desk, comfortable chairs and radio/alarm clock, the Mission room has become a favourite with business clientele.

The Mission Room is located on the third floor at the back of the house, faces north and overlooks the small park and the downtown office towers.

In 1872, 40 kilometers from what we now call the Mission District in Calgary, a temporary Roman Catholic mission was established.  Just over a decade later, the Catholic Church saw the need to ensure a strong French speaking Catholic community in the area and acquired two sections of land for the purposes of this “mission”.  Eventually this area would become the village of Rouleauville.  The goal of creating the Mission District to help preserve the French language and culture eventually failed and it became an increasingly Anglophone area.  In 1907, the City of Calgary annexed Rouleauville and it was renamed, the Mission District.

Occupancy: 3

1 King Bed



“I chose this B&B for a few reasons. Location, supporting a local business, and the right price; hard to refuse. There is so much character in this house. This experience is a delightful part of my trip. I would book again.”

~ Larissa from Canada


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